What to Look for in a Loft

loft spaceFor some people buying a new home is not necessarily about what currently exists at the property as much as it is about the potential to add their own stamp to it and craft something new. Many will spend time examining loft spaces, with a view to a potential conversion, before making a decision about the property so it helps to have an idea about what to look for if you have this sort of work in mind.

The first thing to consider is the space provided by the loft. Is there enough for what you have planned? Will there be enough head room to implement what you have planned and will the room be comfortable for those using it? Ideally a buyer should have an idea of what they want to do with a loft before they look at any homes, but even those who don’t would be well-served to favor spacious lofts just for the potential they have.

The flooring in the loft space is also extremely important. As lofts are primarily used for storing goods the floor will often be stable enough to hold boxes and the like, but may struggle if required to support people and very heavy objects. If you do wish to convert the loft make sure you get the floor reinforced to give you a solid footing.

Finally, does the loft have insulation? It’s something that many people tend to overlook but it is extremely important regardless of what you end up doing with the space. Because heat rises much of it will be lost through the loft space, costing the owner money in heating bills. Insulation helps to slow this process down and maintain the temperature in the home. If you are not intending to use the loft space get the floor insulated. If you are then insulate the roof instead to ensure heat is maintained in the loft as well, rather than prevented from reaching it altogether.

If you are buying a new home be sure to keep these tips in mind, even if you don’t have definite plan for the loft. After all, one day you may get the spark to try something new and end up finding out that the loft you have isn’t suitable for what you have in mind.

How to Improve your Day with a Little Humor

white teethIt’s often said that laughter is the best medicine when one is feeling down, plus the best thing about humor is that you don’t need money to crack your ribs. Nowadays, there are various sites that give people the opportunity of starting their day on a light note through funny jokes. All that one needs to do is register with them and the entertaining messages would directly be availed to their account, this service is usually free of charge at places such as chistes escritos de Polo Polo.

Types of humor
Humor is available in many forms to suit each person’s taste and preferences, some of the most popular ones include:

Epigrammatic Humor
It consists of short witty sayings like “too many intellectuals often run short of ideas long before running out of words.” One of the most renowned authors in this form of writing is Oscar Wilde.

Farcical Comedy
This humor is based on proceedings or incidents that seem ridiculously true, such happenings often happen in our daily life but most people don’t have the keen eye needed to discern them. Farcical jokes are characterized by improbable coincidences with a few satirical elements, at times punctuated with excitable, frantic action. 

Print Cartoon Comedy 
They feature simulated pictures that tell a short storyline riddled with wit. Print cartoons are usually published in newspapers and magazines but can also be found online for those that have access to the net. Some good examples include Andy Capp, Dennis the Menace and Calvin & Hobbes. 

As much as finding humor online is interesting, one should always be wary of unscrupulous people who may require upfront payment or credit card details from subscribers. Never reveal such sensitive information online as they can easily be used by cyber criminals. In conclusion, you need to have a light heart so that the jokes being expressed can make sense and tickle a bone, being stonefaced as won’t help at all.

Guide to Home Removals

my home moving

Are you considering a do it yourself home removal while relocating to another city or country ? In case of a home relocation it is just not worth saving those bucks given the stress involved.  This holds even more true if you are moving with small kids or with your family or moving to another country. Relocating your home is number three in the list of most stressful life circumstances right behind dealing with death or handling a divorce. So why go through that kind of stress when you can easily find a great moving company to do all the physical exertion and most of the organizing and packing for you. 

To relocate your home efficiently with the least possible stress and hurdles – 

1. First of all inform (well in advance) your loved ones, dearest friends and relatives, banks, loan providers, credit card company, telephone service providers, internet service providers, cable TV service guy, insurance provider and of course employers. Informing your doctor, domestic employees and your work colleagues is also a good idea if they are not already aware.

2. Shortlist and finalize the services of a good home removal company. A mover and packer with expertise and professional skilled workers is necessary, especially in case of an international re-location.Remember to fix up their fees in advance and request in writing a final fee quote along with an indication of all out of pocket expenses. In case you are relocating to another country, it is important that the moving company has expert skills to manage customs or any other authorities to ensure that your things cross borders safely and without any damage or loss. Reviewing genuine customer testimonials, asking for and checking references and of course word of mouth are great ways of choosing the right moving company.

3.Organize yourself with a step by step plan on how you plan to relocate. Start by making a list of all the things that are moving with you in your suitcase and the things which will be packed and transported by the packing and moving company. Make sure you count the final number of packed crates and suitcases and that each one is labelled with your name and forwarding address. Keep an extra copy of all documents and receipts received from the packing company in relation to your relocation.

4. Remember to hire a mover who has your goods covered by a comprehensive damage or loss insurance. In case it is not offered by the moving company consider getting it yourself.

5. After the home removal company personnel leave your old home make one last check of your old home to make sure nothing and no one is left behind.