Where to Start When Redecorating Your Home

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Working as decorator when trying to give your home a brand new feel and atmosphere could be a very challenging task when you have virtually no idea where to start. With that, here are some home decorating tips and tricks that you should keep in mind.

Create a New Swatch Board

Ditch the old ideas that you used before and collect new images, inspirations, and concepts to render your place. Take out recent issues of interior design or architectural magazines and cut out the images that you find interesting. Choose remarkable materials for fabrics, floor finishes, walls, and table covers.

Try to build appealing combinations as you create your swatch board. Analogous colors such green, yellow, and yellow green would be fine if you want to induce a humble atmosphere to your area. Mid-neutrals and neutrals such as beige, metallic materials, cool gray, and white would look great if you want to keep it minimalist. Complementary combinations such as red and green would build an attention-grabbing design.

Always bring the swatch board you created when buying your decorating materials. This way, it would be easy to pin-point to store attendants the things that you want.

interior swatchReinvent Your Old Furniture Piece

Meanwhile, you do not necessarily need to buy new furniture pieces to redecorate your home. In particular, you may just simply want to reinvent your old furniture pieces by assigning a new function to them or by plainly repainting them.

For instance, an old and bare-looking wooden furniture may adapt a more vibrant look when repainted with white or black. Typical ceramic vases may also be reinvented by adding luminescent materials or glittery materials to it.

Seek Assistance

For best results, you may also opt to consult a professional decorator. Architects and interior designers could definitely help you in looking for effective and interesting design solutions. A professional decorator could also give you the best techniques to maintain th