How to Improve your Day with a Little Humor

white teethIt’s often said that laughter is the best medicine when one is feeling down, plus the best thing about humor is that you don’t need money to crack your ribs. Nowadays, there are various sites that give people the opportunity of starting their day on a light note through funny jokes. All that one needs to do is register with them and the entertaining messages would directly be availed to their account, this service is usually free of charge at places such as chistes escritos de Polo Polo.

Types of humor
Humor is available in many forms to suit each person’s taste and preferences, some of the most popular ones include:

Epigrammatic Humor
It consists of short witty sayings like “too many intellectuals often run short of ideas long before running out of words.” One of the most renowned authors in this form of writing is Oscar Wilde.

Farcical Comedy
This humor is based on proceedings or incidents that seem ridiculously true, such happenings often happen in our daily life but most people don’t have the keen eye needed to discern them. Farcical jokes are characterized by improbable coincidences with a few satirical elements, at times punctuated with excitable, frantic action. 

Print Cartoon Comedy 
They feature simulated pictures that tell a short storyline riddled with wit. Print cartoons are usually published in newspapers and magazines but can also be found online for those that have access to the net. Some good examples include Andy Capp, Dennis the Menace and Calvin & Hobbes. 

As much as finding humor online is interesting, one should always be wary of unscrupulous people who may require upfront payment or credit card details from subscribers. Never reveal such sensitive information online as they can easily be used by cyber criminals. In conclusion, you need to have a light heart so that the jokes being expressed can make sense and tickle a bone, being stonefaced as won’t help at all.

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