Guide to Home Removals

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Are you considering a do it yourself home removal while relocating to another city or country ? In case of a home relocation it is just not worth saving those bucks given the stress involved.  This holds even more true if you are moving with small kids or with your family or moving to another country. Relocating your home is number three in the list of most stressful life circumstances right behind dealing with death or handling a divorce. So why go through that kind of stress when you can easily find a great moving company to do all the physical exertion and most of the organizing and packing for you. 

To relocate your home efficiently with the least possible stress and hurdles – 

1. First of all inform (well in advance) your loved ones, dearest friends and relatives, banks, loan providers, credit card company, telephone service providers, internet service providers, cable TV service guy, insurance provider and of course employers. Informing your doctor, domestic employees and your work colleagues is also a good idea if they are not already aware.

2. Shortlist and finalize the services of a good home removal company. A mover and packer with expertise and professional skilled workers is necessary, especially in case of an international re-location.Remember to fix up their fees in advance and request in writing a final fee quote along with an indication of all out of pocket expenses. In case you are relocating to another country, it is important that the moving company has expert skills to manage customs or any other authorities to ensure that your things cross borders safely and without any damage or loss. Reviewing genuine customer testimonials, asking for and checking references and of course word of mouth are great ways of choosing the right moving company.

3.Organize yourself with a step by step plan on how you plan to relocate. Start by making a list of all the things that are moving with you in your suitcase and the things which will be packed and transported by the packing and moving company. Make sure you count the final number of packed crates and suitcases and that each one is labelled with your name and forwarding address. Keep an extra copy of all documents and receipts received from the packing company in relation to your relocation.

4. Remember to hire a mover who has your goods covered by a comprehensive damage or loss insurance. In case it is not offered by the moving company consider getting it yourself.

5. After the home removal company personnel leave your old home make one last check of your old home to make sure nothing and no one is left behind.